For All Mankind’ Season 4: What We Know

With three blockbuster seasons under its belt and most of its original cast killed off, season 4 of For All Mankind has its work cut out for it. The spectacular Apple TV+ sci-fi drama, set in a parallel universe where the space race never ended, ended its third season with a sweeping timeline shift, catapulting viewers to 2003 to the soundtrack of Radiohead’s “Everything in Its Right Place.”

Spoilers ahead for season 3 of For All Mankind. Though shaker than For All Mankind‘s unforgettable season two finale, the third season of For All Mankind ended with a number of dramatic reveals. First, we had Kelly Baldwin being rocketed from Mars into space, quite literally—did I mention she ‘s eight months pregnant and suffering from preeclampsia during said rocketing? —while her father her crashes back down to Mars. Ed survives, but his ex-wife and Kelly’s mom, Karen, doesn’t: A massive car bomb goes off at the Johnson Space Center—a planned act of domestic terrorism, carried out by friends of Jimmy Stevens—and kills her, along with Molly Cobb, who dies while trying to help other victims, and Margo Madison. Or so we think. At the very end of the finale, it’s revealed that Margo was alive and well, but had escaped to the Soviet Union so she wouldn’t be charged by the FBI for helping the Russians.

Oh, and also, it turns out that neither the US nor the Soviet Union were the first nations on Mars: North Korea got there first. Ouch.

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