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Moog Music staff members are unionizing through the International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers (IBEW) to fight for better pay and better employment stability.

The Moog Music Union announced a series of demands on social media last week, which includes livable wages, just-cause employment protections and better transparency between Moog executives and workers.

In a press release, Moog workers said the company has not given them a “stable livable environment”. CEO Michael Adams sold 49% of the company to its employees in 2015.

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They also say that “despite being an internationally recognized synthesizer company building high-end consumer electronics, the company pays far less than a living wage.”

Assemblers, packers, and warehouse employees at Moog earn a starting hourly salary of $14.10/hour. Asheville’s living wage is $17.70/hour, the highest in the state.

They also want to create a precedent by unionizing a southern US industrial site. With only 2.6% of workers organised, North Carolina is the second least unionized state in the country.

“Prior to the layoffs, the company was approximately 9% people of colour, 6% trans and 70% CIS white men,” the press statement reads.

“Of those let go, 29% are people of color, 21% are trans, and 35% are cis white men. Four of the 14 had been vocal in challenging executives during company meetings. Two had favored the unionization effort and were a part of the Volunteer Organizing Committee at Moog.”

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The union also held a protest at the car park of Moog Music in Asheville, North Carolina, on June 1 . Here, workers and those supporting them turned up wearing red in solidarity and held up placards reading “Synthesize Unions”, “Stronger Together” and “Solidarity Forever”.

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Alongside the protest, BEW Local 238 hosted a Solidarity Picnic on Saturday, June 4.

Since the organization of workers, Moog Music has responded to its staff members unionizing. The company sent a response to MusicTech through a representative.

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The statement, in part, reads: “Moog Music Inc. is aware of the unionization campaign launched by the IBEW 238 and a group of Moog Music staff members.

“We respect that our employee-owners have the right to join a union, and we will not do anything to interfere with their right to do so.

“We have engaged outside resources to help ensure our company navigates the aforementioned union efforts legally and with proper guidance. While we don’t believe a union is in the best interests of our employee-owners, we will ensure that everyone at the factory has access to accurate information about unions and what a union would mean at Moog so that our employees may make their own informed decisions.

“Working together, we are committed to building an even stronger Moog so that all employee-owners know their voices are heard, their needs are met, and they can take pride in the quality instruments they design, build, package, ship, and service for our customers.”

Read the full response from Moog on MusicTech here. Find out more about the Moog Music Union on their website here.

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