The best Forex applications of 2022

Le marché des changes constitue certainly un marché très attractif pour tout investisseur en herbe. Sa forte volatility, cependant, represents sans doute la characteristice la plus difficile de cette form de trading pour tout débutante qui ne prendrait pas très bien le risque.

Fortunately, the technology offers a plethora of resources and tools that help reduce uncertainty when dealing with international currencies, familiarize yourself with the basics of finance and other more advanced terms such as des formes particulières de trading comme le swing trading.

In other words, there are many applications and platforms that can help you become a successful trader. Here is a list of some of the best:

MetaTrader 4 to MetaTrader 5

Developed by the brand Metaquotes and launched respectively in 2005 and 2010, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is considered the most popular forex trading platform in the world.

Its popularity could be explained by its ability to allow its users to personalize a large part of their trading experience, from the generation of personalized charts to the development of automation in forex trading.

Le MT4 is generally synonymous with trading forex, but the application MT5 offers a much larger scope that also allows access to assets such as stocks and raw materials. Le MT5 also offers a slightly larger suite of Forex Trading indicators, separate timeframes and an unlimited number of charts.

Les brokers have recently begun to offer the integration of MT5 instead of simply using MT4, but these two applications are still very convivial, which makes them ideal for people who are starting out in this forex trading adventure.

Forex Hours

Developed by Coding Trader to provide users with an immediate and real-time overview of the local time and state of the largest forex markets in the world, the Forex Hours application is one of the best applications for traders. ce marché

L’un des problèmes les plus difficiles du trading forex est représentée par les différences moments des différences régions geographiques, puisque chacun ouvre et ferme à des moments différences, alors qu’il ya des périodes où ces marchés se chevauchent. Ces périodes ont tendance à connaître des pics in termes de volumes de transactions, de volatility et de liquidity.

En maîtrisant bien ce sujet, l’application Forex Hours peut être utilisateur pour les heures d’ouverture specific du marché et les périodes qui se cevauchent, vous permissant de capitaliser et de profiter de la fluctuation des prices en temps réel. Cela peut même s’appliquer à un marché en dréciation, car les pairs de dévisés sont négociées en tant que dérivés et permetten aux investors de tirer profit de la spéculation.

It is strongly recommended that this Forex Hours application be used as a complementary tool alongside the main trading platform like MT4.

The Forex Game

If you have already started playing on certain forex trading platforms, you know that you can use what are called “demonstration accounts” to begin developing your trading skills and evaluating your trading strategies.

Nevertheless, you can also gain practical experience in the Forex market by playing the “Forex Game”, which consists of a simulation application that allows you to execute transactions very similar to those that occur in real life, which constitutes un solide apprentissage. expérience sans risque.

Pour faire simple, cette application est très bonne pour imiter une plateforme de trading forex, presenting des transactions sans risque dans un cadre amusant et convincing qui est très attractive et utile pour tout débutant en trading.

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