Whitmer vetoes GOP bill that would lower Michigan income tax rate

gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed the latest GOP-led measure that would reduce the state’s income tax rate while creating new tax breaks for seniors, families and others.

The move was not unexpected, as the measure was largely similar to a proposal already vetoed by the governor earlier in the year.

When she vetoed a comparable proposal in March, Whitmer argued the ideas were shortsighted and could hamstring crucial state programs in the future. But this time, Whitmer said the legislative tactic the Republican majority in the statehouse used to fast-track the bill through both chambers may render it unconstitutional.

“The constitutional defects of this hurried process are both glaring and obvious. The bill was passed in open disregard of the constitutional rules that are meant to protect Michiganders’ rights to evaluate proposed laws and make their voices heard before those laws are adopted,” Whitmer wrote in the letter to lawmakers informing them of her veto.

gov.  Gretchen Whitmer vetoed the latest GOP-led effort to rollback the state's income tax rate and to create new tax breaks.  She argued the legislative tactic used by the Republican majority to fast-track the measure may render it unconstitutional.  But Republicans blasted the move.

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Republicans blasted the move, calling the governor out of touch with struggling Michiganders who are trying to fend off the challenges posed by historic inflation.

“Whitmer’s words ring hollow as she actively works to prevent economic aid from reaching families as a recession approaches and inflation hits new highs. She is clearly unserious aboutlessening the burden of her and Joe Biden’s economic failures and unwilling to work in a bipartisan manner to get this done,” said Gustavo Portela, a Michigan Republican Party spokesman, in a statement.

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